Private Parties

Whatever the celebration, be it a birthday, wedding or for that special occasion, then Richard Fawkes will make the event extra special.

With his dynamic performance style and his exceptional magical ability it is small wonder that Richard comes “highly recommended”.

Laugh between the gasps as Richard takes you on a roller-coaster ride through his personal and often zany view of “magic”.

Whatever occasion you are celebrating, be it a wedding, birthday, engagement, anniversary or christening, then by choosing Richard Fawkes you have made an excellent choice in ensuring you have the ideal magical and memorable experience.

Magic is the most powerful form of entertainment there is. There is no need for special lighting, stage equipment or staging and close-up magic can be performed anywhere. The only thing a magician needs is an audience.

A magician is the perfect icebreaker for your reception or dinner, booking a magician ensures that everyone is entertained from the moment they arrive.

Special Occasions

Most people would like something different for their special occasion. Having a magician can make a big difference as not only does it transform your special event into a more memorable occasion by keeping your guests entertained in between courses but a magician will set your event apart from the others.

Richard Fawkes has been amazing guests at parties with magic for the past ten years. Here are some ideas for using a magician to really enhance your special occasion.

  • Mix and mingle as a wedding magician during the cocktail reception
  • Perform table magic during the formal meal
  • Strolling magic at the evening function
  • Forty minute stand-up Comedy Magic Cabaret

If you would like to talk through your celebration arrangements with Richard he would be pleased to share his experience and advise you on the best way to make the Magic work for you on your special day.


If you contact ten magicians they will give you ten different prices. Prices will fall between £100 and £650.

Some magicians or agencies charge VAT on top of the fee. Prices depend on how experienced the magician is, how busy they are and the area that they usually work in.

Prices will depend on the length of time that the magician is booked for and the time of year. Expect to pay more in December or at weekends.

Low fees suggest an amateur or part-time performer without public liability or Equity status. The maxim, “you pay for what you get” holds true. Personal recommendations are the best guide to ensuring satisfaction.

Contact Richard to check availability for your event.